Nabila is a worldwide known Oriental dancer, characterized by her appealing elegance and soulful music interpretation. Her repertoire is broad and includes a wide variety of styles in the oriental dance, but Nabila’s heart beats especially for the classical Egyptian style. Her professionalism is based on many years of training, further education and rich experience on stage.

As a member of Jillinas Bellydance Evolution Team Nabila has been involved in all three previous productions of Bellydance Evolution Theatre Shows in Europe (2010 – 2015), in April 2014 at the premiere of „Alice in Wonderland“ in San Diego (USA). She was dancing the leading role of “Cheshire Cat” in May 2015 in Dornbirn, Austria. Her great ability to bring the emotionality of egyptain expression of the oriental dance on stage leads her to be one of the few of Randa Kamel choosen European guest dancers on the stage of the closing gala at Randa’s Raqs-of-Course Festival in Cairo. She was also the first Austrian dancer to teach at this most important Festival in Cairo in 2015. No wonder that Nabila applies internationally as Austria’s best-known oriental dancer.

Nabila is a trained jomdance-stage dancer and teacher of the annual Dance Convention “jom your life” by Said el Amir in Munich. She also has been a first soloist dancer of the jomdance-company from 2011 to 2013. Nabila shares her deep love for the dance and her profound knowledge with great enthusiasm and humor with her students – in workshops at home and abroad, and in her studio in Dornbirn / Austria. With her ensemble YaSalaam for which Nabila shows her extraordinary choreographic talent, she celebrates many successes at Festivals all over Europe. As organizer of big dance shows in the Bregenzer Festspielhaus or Dornbirner cultural center, Nabila ensures sold-out houses and an enthusiastic audience.

Nabila Bellydance: The Beauty of Oriental Dance

“Oriental Dance is a beautiful dance art, a very healthy way to keep your body in good shape and enjoy moving to wonderful music. Let the spirit of the dance touch your heart, your soul and free your mind!”

Nabila & her ensemble Ya Salaam

We offer splendid show appearances, presented in a charming and elegant way for your special event!

Nabila & Ya Salaam inspire the audience at international Oriental festivals throughout Europe and are also the highlight at business events, weddings, birthday parties and more. Offering a varied show program, they show the grace and beauty of oriental dance.

Enjoy a little preview of Nabila’s current work:

Nabila Bellydance: Ball der Kulturen Review

Nabila & her Ensemble Ya Salaam @ Ball der Kulturen, Spielboden Dornbirn (Austria), Februar 2014 Choreography “Eash Maeia”: Randa Kamel All other choreographies: Nabila Music Credits: “Conquest of Paradise” Filmmusik „Eash Maaia” (Samir Alhusseini Orch.)

Bellydance Evolution

Since 2010 Nabila is the only Austrian oriental dancer who is a dancer in the stunning worldwide touring Bellydance Evolution Show productions of world star Jillina (USA) and danced in all 3 show productions.

Bellydance Evolution presents Alice in Wonderland

Bellydance Evolution presents their newest production Alice in Wonderland Jillina. Starring the worlds top bellydancers, including Jillina, Kaeshi, Sharon Kihara, Heather Aued, Louchia and featuring Ozzy, Twixx & Danielo.